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A Science Fiction Short Story

Times Nine

by Teyla Branton, 51 pages

Maddy knows she can’t give her scientist husband the one thing he really wants—an heir with his genes and genius. Or can she?

Nonomine might give Maddy everything she wants, but at what price?

Nonomine offers Lindon and Maddy the chance they’ve both been waiting for, even if it means living at nine times the normal human rate. But when things start to go wrong, the price they must pay is more than either of them ever dreamed.

Please note: This is a self-contained science fiction short story with an “aha” ending. There is no sequel to buy to discover the rest. It’s not a romance or fantasy, but a short story that I hope will get you thinking and wondering what YOU would do in Maddy’s place. The scenario she faces might not be too far away in our own future.


Jana Stocks Brown says...

"The set up for this story was interesting and the science fiction aspects not overwhelming painting it as a near future with faster travel and great strides in medical science. While the short format didn't give me a lot of space to get to know the characters really well , their personalities still came across in the writing, something that Ms Branton excels at. I believed in the relationship between the couple and their conflicting desires. I also appreciated the relationship with the step son and what he added to the mix."

Teya Peck says...

"This book is intense. From beginning to end. It's an unusual, a sci-fi without being too weird. My favorite is the end. I teared up reading the end. This is touching, and fast and strangely will leave you hoping for a great future. It touched me deeply because I had horrible pregnancies and each of my four were miracles themselves. You have to think from the start. Fascinating piece of writing."