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Colony Six #3


by Teyla Branton, 364 pages

With tightening control throughout the CORE, and a new Elite plot to enslave more of the population, Lyssa and her reunited sixer crew are all that stand in their way.

It's time for sixers to fight back. Now available!

Lyssa Sloan is a sixer, one of the lucky few who escaped Colony 6 before the extermination began. Lyssa has long been forced to hide the truth of her daughter’s birth and her own unusual ability, even from the man she loves, or risk exile to a colony. Now with tightening control throughout the CORE and a new Elite plot to enslave more of the population, she and her reunited sixer crew are all that stand in the way of a corrupt government bent on total control.

The crew braves radiation-crazed beasts to seek help outside the CORE Territories. But will the leaders of Newcali become their allies or lead to their downfall? Whatever the answer, the betrayals they must make mean there is no going back. It’s now or never.


Athena says...

"I enjoyed the story a lot and loved the characters. I fell in love with a few of them and loved their stories. The world build is awesome and I would recommend this to anyone that likes futuristic stories from after the time of a fall of a population."

Candy says...

"I loved this book. Teyla gave enough information to allow those who hadn't read all of the previous books the opportunity to enjoy this book and know what was going on without rehashing so much that those who had read all the books were bored. You developed even more of the characters and helped the reader build a relationship with them so they cared what they were doing on what happened to them. The love and connection between the main Sixers was so special. I found it interesting how the relationships between the characters was so natural even with those who started out on opposite sides. I appreciated how the underground team acted towards even with those that were against them. In many cases they were more humane than they themselves were treated. Another great story. Keep up the great work."

Paul D. Cobbs says...

"This was the third Colony Six book I have read, and I must say, Teyla Branton has me hooked! I love where she's taking the story line and had trouble putting this book down."

Merlinwv says...

"I have read several series by Ms. Branton. This series was scary, imaginative, and addictive. Travels follows the 'team's' latest adventure and is most satisfying."