How Far Discussion Guide

How Far Discussion Guide

How Far is a novel that brings up several important moral dilemmas. Use these questions for book clubs or individual thought.

How Far by Rachel Branton front cover1. When Parker first took Madison from her mother’s house, her younger brother, Ricky, was also in the room. Given the outcome of the novel, was Parker’s decision not to take the boy, either at that time or later in the story, a correct choice? Discuss how a split-second decision can change an entire future.

2. How did Parker’s relationship with his father and brother influence the person he later becomes? What about his relationship with his mother? What major events in Parker’s life caused the changes in his early lifestyle?

3. How do you think Parker’s mother felt in wanting to protect and defend her son and granddaughter and yet not wanting to break the law? What do you think she should have done? Why?

4. Discuss Caitlin’s mixed feelings about her sister. How has her choice to care for Amy affected her life?

5. Is Caitlin happy in her career? What do you think might make her happier?

6. Discuss the different men in Caitlin’s life. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Do you think Wyman would have been a good choice for a relationship? What about Parker? Do you feel he is permanently reformed? Why or why not?

7. Did Caitlin make the right choice in arranging to pass evidence to the police? What about her duty to her client? What about her duty to society? Do you think she should be disbarred for her actions?

8. What parallels do you find between Parker’s taking Madison and Caitlin’s choosing to pass information to the police about her client?

9. Although Parker’s actions in taking Madison were against the law, do you feel the end justifies the means in this story? What mistakes do you feel Parker made? What did he do right?

10. What about Mace Keeley? Should action be taken against him for his treatment of Caitlin?

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