Movie-like Ratings for Books are Here!

I loved this idea from the minute I heard about it! Particularly, I think this would really help me choose books for my children. I can’t imagine letting them go to a movie without first knowing something about the content.

Here is the full press release from PR Web.

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Features New, Detailed Rating System, Tells Prospective Readers Exactly How Much Heat, Violence & Swearing is in Each Hand-picked Book Before They Purchase from Popular Retail Outlets

Source PR Web October 27, 2015 New York, NY

Book Cave movielike ratings for books

“I love books that show all aspects of the romance, but I hate a lot of swearing, so I’m signing up!”

Book Cave’s grand opening starts today and goes through November 30th, with many events and prizes, including exclusive ebooks by bestselling authors. By signing up, you’ll see their unique Book Cave rating system in action through daily emails that feature a variety of hand-picked books, which you can then purchase from your favorite retailer. No more being shocked or let down at unexpected content! Find new authors who write on your comfort level, and get a feel for how the free and deeply discounted ebook process works for the reader.

During this grand opening, all subscribers to Book Cave are automatically entered to win an ereader or a $100 gift card, and they receive five bestselling ebooks that are not discounted anywhere else for free. Subscribers also select the genres they like to read and the Book Cave ratings they’re interested in, choosing their heat, violence, and language comfort levels. Then they sit back and let Book Cave do the rest. Every day subscribers receive email updates telling them about great books in their chosen genres that are 50% off or more. Most books sell for $2.99 or less, and some are temporarily free.

“These aren’t throwaway books; they are books our editorial staff have evaluated to be of top reading quality,” says Shawn Baxter, website creator and part-owner. “Understand, there is no membership fee for this, or any fees whatsoever. And we plan to never have any subscriber fees with our business model.”

There are many more grand opening events to be discovered on the website. Book Cave is offering subscribers a second chance at an ereader or a one-hundred dollar gift card to the vendor of their choice just by recommending the site, and they’re holding a Rafflecopter to give away $50 gift cards to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Other fun prizes are in the works and will last through the grand opening and beyond.

“There are a few other sites that try to rate books,” says Catia Shattuck, one of the editors involved in development. “But only Book Cave does it in enough detail that readers have a clear idea of what they will receive before they read the book.”

Signing up is simple and takes only a few minutes.

“I’m so excited about Book Cave,” says avid reader, Pat Andrews. “I love romance, but too many times I’ve picked up an ebook, only to be shocked at the content. It got so I started reading only Christian romances or inspirational novels. Now that I can choose how much sex and violence I want, I can read more books by mainstream authors. Movies are rated, why not books?”

Sandy Clayson, on the other hand, appreciates some heat in her romance novels: “I love books that show all aspects of the romance, but I hate a lot of swearing, so I’m signing up!” She’s also interested in books for her three children, who love science-fiction and fantasy and read far above their age-level: “I want to make sure their books are age-appropriate, and I love the detailed list of exactly what each book contains.”

Designed for people like Pat and Sandy, Book Cave takes the guesswork out of finding a good read that hits everyone’s comfort level. The best thing is that the books are always deeply discounted, and there is no cost to subscribe. Books offered are discounted at least 50% and are generally $2.99 or less.

“We try to choose the best books for the best value,” says Shattuck. “There are so many books available these days, and everyone is busy. Our goal is to help readers find books they can’t put down.”

“Not all books are accepted,” according to Shattuck. Book Cave editors read a sample and make sure books have good reviews and great covers. “As we grow,” Shattuck says, “we will become even more selective. We always have our readers in mind.”

Book Cave ratings include All Audiences, Mild, Mild+, Moderate, Moderate+, and Adult, and each book comes with a content list explaining why it received that rating. So who rates the books?

“Authors and publishers do,” answers Shattuck, “Because they know their books best, and they are as eager as we are to find readers who will appreciate their stories.”

“Content-rating is a definite benefit to authors,” says Teyla Branton, an author whose books have been featured. “So many times negative reviews happen because readers expected something different. I’ve had this happen personally with my urban fantasy series Unbounded. By removing the guesswork with detailed ratings, I feel readers are more likely to buy—and to leave positive reviews.”

Currently there is no cost for authors to submit a book to be considered for a feature.

So here’s a truly free grand opening, celebrating a new way to quickly find inexpensive or free books that match your preferences perfectly, and then have those sent to your inbox, so you can decide in just moments if you want them. Book Cave isn’t only for readers of various religions, conservatives, or those who enjoy clean reads, but for everyone who likes to have a choice. Sign up today at

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