My Favorite Place to Write

Most days I work in my office, but on the days when I’m feeling cold, a little under the weather, or just want a change, I shake it up and go to the one-and-a-half La-Z-boy recliner in the little upstairs sitting room.

My Chair

Topped with my furry blanket from Coscto and my lap desk, it makes the perfect place for me to bang out a few thousand words.

And baby, it’s cold outside today, so this is where I’m working. I’m not in pajamas, but usually the chair and pajamas are a pair. And of course, I have my cup of steeped ginger root to warm me up.

Can you find my roller skates in the picture? They are there, just waiting for me to find the opportunity to use them.

Teyla's favorite chair

Ready to Work!

Here I am all snuggled and ready to work. No, that is not a Alexa, but an internet booster on the fireplace. And you can see my collection of Fisher-Price toys in the unlighted shelf. Our speaker system is a little jury-rigged at the moment, and probably will be forever.

Read to write in my chair

Award-winning Writing Chair

Once, eight years ago when I was pregnant with my last child, Lisbon, I (we) sat in that chair for nearly eight months! I wrote only one book, but it won an award. Unfortunately, the stuffing in the seat is slipping and at some point I’ll need to have it fixed.

Happy reading!

Teyla Rachel Branton

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6 Responses to “My Favorite Place to Write”

  1. Tammy Beverley

    I love your comfy place, and I love the chair color! Looks like a great place to create your masterpieces!

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Thank you! I’ve been working there again today, lol! It’s so cold!

  2. Michele Rolfe

    LOVE the color of your blanket! It looks nice & toasty warm, too! Yes I do see your roller skates. I have not been skating in over 30 yrs!!

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Thank you! I confess that I love the color too! As you can tell. I went rollerskating last year and favoring my sore knee and trying to help my eight-year-old stand up on her skates, I fell and broke my wrist. Sigh. No more helping others, I’m afraid!

      • Michele Rolfe

        Oh No! I am soo very sorry you broke your wrist. That sucks!!

        • Teyla Rachel Branton

          Thank you! It’s better now. That was right before Thanksgiving. As it was the second time for that wrist, I was too embarrassed to even post about it, lol. (I broke it about a year before that slipping on a hike.) My bones are unfortunately getting more brittle these days!


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