The National Palace of Queluz

Queluz National Palace

One place I’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t before is the National Palace of Queluz, started in 1747 and finished after 1860. This trip to Portugal, we were able to check it out. The palace was first build as a summer home but was later enlarged. This is where the Dom Maria I lived in seclusion after the death of her husband Dom Pedro III (1786) and son (from small pox in 1786). Her madness worsened when her son died and she never recovered. Her other son eventually took her to Brazil.

To me the interior of the Palace is far more beautiful than Sintra National Palace, and though the gardens can’t compare in size, they are interesting and extensive. They remind me of palace gardens I saw in France as a child.

Lots of Gold Gilding and Fancy Furniture

Here’s my youngest Lisbon, checking out the palace.

Lisbon in Queluz Palace

I’d love to write a book on this desk!

Writing Desk

Or maybe hold a book signing on this cool ornate table, lol.

cool ornate table

One of Their Son’s Rooms


Here’s a closeup of the cradle. Do you think it would pass today’s safety standards? I think I would have stayed up all night worrying the baby would fall out. Maybe that’s what servants were for.

cradle at Queluz Palace

The Chapel

There are usually places of worship in palaces and this is no exception. Here is the alter where the priest could preach.

Queluz Palace chapel

This is where the King and Queen would sit in the chapel. This is actually a balcony in the church. Look at all the ornate work.

King's Balcony

More Details Inside the Palace

bed details

Palace details

I love this rock work!

Beautiful rock work at Queluz National Palace  

Impressive Throne Room

The throne or audience room is really amazing. I took a close up of what some of the chairs. It’s a huge room, but this picture doesn’t really show how large it is.

Throne room

My Family Inside the Queluz National Palace

My two youngest, Lisbon (left) and Liana (right) enjoyed wandering around.

My daughters

My handsome, sexy, intelligent husband likes examining the details.

My sexy awesome husband

Our girls below with my mother-in-law Maria Jose, and my brother-in-law, Jaime.

Avo and uncle

Chandeliers, Tea, and Woodwork

Lisbon really loved this chandelier and wanted a picture!

Lisbon's chandelier

Now this is a table set for a queen. How would you like your tea?

Table set for a queen

This was my favorite room and near the end before you leave for the gardens.

Cool room  

Outside the Palace

My mother-in-law, husband, me, and our daughters.

The palace grounds


A lion lady. That’s not a sight you see every day.


Huge water feature that seem to be some sort of river running right through the grounds. But it didn’t have much water in it this day.

Water feature

These cobblestone paths were fun to walk because of the hedges.


Liana’s Pictures

My daughter soon grabbed the camera and started taking her own pictures. She seems to catch good candid moment, ones that tell a story. We did need to rest after walking around the gardens, and can you see the water I spilled on my shirt?

Taking a rest

Making faces

Aw! Aren’t we so cute together?

teyla and tj walking

In the Parking Lot (More of Liana’s Pictures)

These features on the palace are amazing.

a tower

More palace details

Statue of Queen Maria I

Lisbon was a little hungry by then, so in the parking lot (there was plenty of parking here), we gave her a sandwich we’d brought along. After raising seven children, I’ve learned you never go anywhere without water, food, and tissues or wipes. These are also Liana’s photographs.

Dom Maria I Yum!

Can you see the palace in my glasses?

That's the palace folks!

I hope the next time you’re in Portugal, you stop and check out the Queluz Palace. It’s not nearly as crowded as other landmarks, and it’s worth taking half a day to look around.

Teyla Rachel Branton


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