The Beautiful Beaches of Portugal’s Costa da Caparica

The beautiful beaches of Portugal's Costa da Caparica

My mother-in-law (Maria) and my youngest daughter, Lisbon.

Now that it’s freezing cold where I live, I’m thinking fondly of our vacation this past summer in Portugal. I’ve shared with you how much I love the city of Lisbon, Sintra Palace, and the castle of the first king of Portugal, but the thing we do absolutely the most in Portugal besides eating mil folhas, is to go to the beautiful beaches of the Costa da Caparica. Seriously—like all the time. We love being there. The entire coast is full of great beaches with names like Princess Beach, Queen Beach, King Beach, Mermaid Beach, Hut of the Fisherman, and many more. These pictures are all from my phone (not all on the same day) because I don’t usually take the camera.

First we set up

I bought this tent because it fits in my suitcase, and I always take it with me to Portugal. Below you can see my husband and daughter inside. It can fit three big towels and four people comfortably. If we sit inside to play a game we can fit eight! I use it in America when we go places too.

our tent

We also bring a couple of umbrellas. My mother-in-law, Maria, and my daughter Lisbon are very comfortable. This orange umbrella stays at my MIL’s apartment, and we only use it when we’re in town.

Our umbrella

Time to build!

We love building in the sand, especially Lisbon. 

Lisbon building a castle

Daddy helps

Daddy helps

Even teenagers sisters can’t resist

Liana gets into the act. My mother-in-law stores all our beach toys for us so we don’t have to take up luggage space.

Even teenagers love building

Smashing time!

Destroying our works of art is almost as fun.

Castle-destroying is just as fun

The water

Of course we also love playing in the water. Below, my two youngest enjoy the beach.

girls in the water  

My husband and me

At first the water feels a little cold, but we’re brave. (No, my husband isn’t sunburned. It’s just the light.)

Teyla and husband TJ

The ocean can be sneaky!

Burrrrrr! sneaky ocean

Warm pool

I like to build a little warm pool. No, kids, this isn’t the bathroom! Lisbon (on right) plays in my pool with two of her second cousins.

our swimming pool

Paddle ball and soccer

We often play soccer or paddle ball at the beach. Below, my daughter Liana is on the left, playing paddle ball with Portuguese second cousins (the boys) and their mother.

We play a little paddle ball

Reading at the beach

My mother-in-law knows how to enjoy the beach. I sometimes read too, but I usually bring a notebook in case I have a great idea or need to finish a scene in my current novel.

Grandma takes it easy

Don’t forget the ice cream

Lisbon has a great imagination. Here she is enjoying ice cream in her mermaid cover up and pink rash guard. Don’t worry. We bring real food too. Normally sandwiches, fruit, and chocolate. Sometimes we even have pastries.

ice cream

More building

Lisbon created a beautiful garden.

Lisbon's garden

A nice walk

We also always take a nice long walk. Here I am with my husband’s cousin, Zezinha. You can see it’s starting to get a little dark this day.

Teyla and Zezinha

We often stay very late

We rarely go early to the beach. We like to go around three or four just as most people are heading home. Then we have the beach almost to ourselves. There is nothing like a walk on the beach as the sun sets.

Nighttime at the Costa da Caparica

This year our favorite beach was Mermaid Beach (Praia da Sereia), mostly because of the name, which my youngest daughter loved because of her new mermaid swimsuit and cover up. You can see official pictures of the Praia da Sereia here. If you go to Portugal, be sure to stop by this wonderful beach.

Teyla Rachel Branton
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  1. KarenE Frost

    Teyla these pictures are fantastic I can now add more places I have been to in my dreams. Love the one of you and your husband, hard to believe you are Grandparents.

    • Teyla Rachel Branton

      Thank you! I’m so glad you liked the photos. Being a grandparent is so fun! It’s the best.

  2. Meghan Weyerbacher

    Looks amazing!


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